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Our main services include Boulder Placements, Landscaping, and Stone-scaping.

We also provide the following types of Delivery Service:

• Dump Delivery
A dump truck will raise its bed, sliding the desired material approximately 4 feet from ground level. This method is appropriate for gravel, loose materials and sand.

Forklift Delivery
A mechanically-powered unit, a forklift is great for high and hard to reach areas. This method is appropriate for materials such as flagstone, bagged material, and llarge boulders.

Pallet Jack Delivery
This is an inexpensive alternative to a forklift delivery. The maximum capacity for pallet delivery is limited to 3,000 pounds. This is a man-operated unit, appropriate for flat and narrow areas only. This method is suitable for flagstone, bagged material, and large boulders.

Sunburst offers many Free Services to our clients, including:

• Over the phone estimates

• Technical support

• Formulas to calculate material quantities

• Landscaping and construction advice


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